Who’s laughing now? [x]

Hood nigga ambitions


Chief keef 1st interview



Kylie Jenner as a baby


holy shit




THIS is exactly the kind of shit that shows how engrained racism is in people- there is literally nothing about this picture that points to her being a bad mother. Is it because she has short shorts on? A cami? She’s just a pregnant woman in a convenience store.
You would NEVER see that caption if this were a white woman. And the worst part is that nobody sees anything wrong with this. It has a ton of likes, a ton of people commenting and laughing and making gross comments that I don’t even want to post here.
I am so fucking disgusted right now.

How many white women do you see with their flat asses wearing shorts even shorter than that like I don’t understand why people do this shit. Leave her alone~Tae

"She’ll be a great mom."I guess when it’s 1001 degrees outside, pregnant women are suppose to cover themselves head to toe.

All of yall need to GTFO..Fucc white or black. This shit is just down right disgusting.

Watch me get white people mad




The Beatles overrated and got they music from black people

And Elvis was an unoriginal and mocked James Brown.

And Marilyn Monroe’s whole persona was a copy of Dorothy Dandridge and other black women

powerful female rap artists you can listen to while you ignore iggy azalea


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